Spring Fields
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Spring Fields Collection:

1) Lovely Lilac - The beautiful, fresh Lilac fragrance will remind you of a time gone by when the world was a simpler place.

2) Lavender Oatmeal - Made with Lavender oil, this bar will help you relax. The addition of real oatmeal in the bar will help exfoliate your skin keeping it clear.

3) Spring Lillies - The Fresh and Clean scent of Lillies and Lilac will make you smell like Spring is upon us.

4) Patchouli Passion - The flowery, minty scent may be more than you can handle. Be careful with this one lovers. Patchouli has long been known as a natural aphrodisiac.

-OR-  Buy all four and get $2.00 off the total.

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Spring Fields

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